I sometimes forget that my phone camera is pretty awesome because of how rare I take pictures. I’m a bad photographer myself, but my phone camera does a great job in turning shots into decent photos. I think I’m going to tinker with our DSLR when I come home. 

Life update: still lost. I just discovered the most suitable phrase to describe my life right now: waiting for the shit to hit the fan. I don’t know if I should still be thankful for waking up.

Anywayyyy, things are still the same here, I’m picking up artsy hobbies to busy and distract myself. I’m still bummed out that I don’t have artistic talents like my bro or sis. My sister is now a pretty awesome artist and she’s graduating this year. I’m really envious of how well she draws, but I also remember how intense she practiced back then. She’d always draw and design and doodle faces or anything she likes, and her passion and dedication is very admirable. How I wish I persevered with writing too. Not too late to pick it up, though.

Our puppy’s big now! I have no latest pictures though. Janelle’s really sweet and cute, but I hate how she always enters the house! The dogs are allowed in the front and back yard, but not inside the house because good lord, we don’t want poop and pee and all excretions in our home. Ah, Jane, please behave.


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