Hello, I have been trying to come up with a decent blog that I can actually link in my twitter bio for the past 5 years but I’m always ending up making one, writing super personal rants and dramas, regretting that I shared my feelings, eventually forgetting the password, then creating one again, promising that that will be the last one. This is the nth attempt and since I don’t need to pay anything to create a blog, I’ll goddamn abuse this chance. Also, I also want to attach a picture of me here but damn, I haven’t taken a photo in a place with a pretty lighting (and also I don’t have a decent camera and I’m slaving my way to graduation so my folks will probably get me a phone with a decent camera…) Hopefully this is my last attempt in trying to do such thing because damn it’s hard to think of a cool username.

I am a Parks and Rec trash so if you are a Parks and Rec fan, feel free to talk to me because I breathe the waffle-smelling air of Pawnee. If you are a P&R fan, you’ll get my url (because heeey, what’s a greater way to find a comrade than parading your fandom with your url!!!)

Anyway, this is my attempt to rekindle my love and passion and develop discipline for writing. Let us hold hands and fervently hope that this will not turn into another blog of dramas and regrets (because I already have tons of those stuff)

Also, I love (parentheses) because my train thought has usually 2 or more connecting rails. Hope to see you at the end of the line.


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